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In addition to offering a variety of freelance writing services, Tidal Tales also has a book store where you can order Nino’s novels, DVD’s and an audio CD.

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Nino is always on the look out for freelance writing opportunities, such as feature stories, guest columns, and all forms of corporate communication. He is also available for book talks, school visits, and other public events.

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Author Antonino Fabiano

About Antonino Fabiano

Nino Fabiano has written five novels in total, and produced several documentary videos.  He is a member of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce, the American Legion, and the Florida Writers Association. 

Antonino Fabiano

About Tide Tales

Nino established Tidal Tales Publishing in 2003, prior to the release of his first book, Egmont Passage: Tale of the Seventh Mystery.  Four other novels would follow, including two more books in the Egmont Passage series.

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Latest Book

Boston's of Manatee County

The Bostons Of Manatee County, details three 6th grade reporters who investigate missing dogs in Manatee County.