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Tidal Tales Publishing was established in 2003 prior to the release of the first novel in the Egmont Passage young adult series. Tidal Tales offers a wide array of freelance writing services for both corporate and personal needs.

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History of Tidal Tales

Nino established Tidal Tales Publishing in 2003, prior to the release of his first book, Egmont Passage: Tale of the Seventh Mystery. Four other novels would follow, including two more books in the Egmont Passage series. His fourth book, Summer’s Serenade, is somewhat autobiographical, with plenty of fiction sprinkled in for good measure.

His most recent novel, The Bostons Of Manatee County, details three 6th grade reporters who investigate missing dogs in Manatee County.

Nino is always on the look out for freelance writing opportunities, such as feature stories, guest columns, and all forms of corporate communication. He is also available for book talks, school visits, and other public events.

Writing Services

Which Writing Service Do You Need?

Guest Columns

Do you have a need for a guest or recurring columnist in your newspaper or news letter? We can provide an interesting, researched, and fresh perspective on many topics.


Press Releases

Want to tell the world what about your organization’s next public event? Maybe a press release to the local media is in order. Let us tell your story.


Human Interest (Feature) Stories

Famous people are only famous because everybody knows about them. One way to garner attention is through an in-depth story featuring you, your organization, or something unique going on in your world or business.


Fiction Writing

Do you have a story idea bouncing in your head, but just don’t know how to get it out? We’re on the look-out for unique stories with an exciting plot. We can collaborate with you to help tell your story.


Corporate Communication

Sometimes you need a second opinion on a subject that is familiar to you. Whether you’re giving a speech, brief public remarks, hard news story, or any other communication to your internal or external audiences, we can create avenues to better tell your company’s story.